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Please send all completed applications to the Secretary: Capt. Margaret Bruce via email

Educational Scholarship Grant:

Application period January 1 - May 31

Educational Grants will be made to students enrolling in or currently enrolled in an institution of Higher Learning.  Work toward an Associates, Bachelors or Graduate Degrees qualifies. Once approved for a Grant the student needs to show progress toward his/her selected degree program to stay qualified for additional Funds. Each student could receive a total of 4 years of funding. Funding, currently at $1,500.00 per Semester, is dependent upon availability and could change in amount from year to year, again depending on availability.

In order to apply for this Grant, please download the application below and provide the required documentation listed on the application. Letters of Recommendation can be from former employers, teachers, volunteer organization leaders, or other sources. 

Once students are accepted into the program, they must maintain a 3.0 GPA per semester and take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. 

Humanitarian Grant:
Application period: year round

Humanitarian Grants are available to members and non-members on an as needed basis when resources are available.

Applicants requesting this Grant should exhaust other sources of funds prior to making application. The person requesting this Grant should write a letter making the request and deliver that letter to any member of the Board of Directors.

Emergency requests will be considered on an individual basis. Donations to other Charitable Organizations can be made when funds are available.

In order to apply for this Grant, please visit this link to download your application.

Captain's Grant:
Application period: year round

Captain’s Grants are to promote Aviation and pilot training among our youth. When funds are available, these Grants could be used to support Aviation Career Days at various schools at the local level. Introductory Rides for those 15 years of age, that have not yet graduated from High School, could be financed.  Flight Training toward an FAA approved license, through an established flight school, could receive a Grant.

Currently the maximum amount toward flight training is $3,000.00 which will be paid in three (3) $1,000 installments.  The first $1,000 to start is flight training for solo flight. The second $1,000 will be paid for post solo up to pre- solo cross country the third $1,000 will be paid for flight training in preparation for Private Pilot Check ride and license. Application can be downloaded below. 




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